Welcome to Beyond the Tales

Centuries ago, a dark force plagued the world of Paxsolus. The only hope to end the terror was a powerful crystal that was created by the greatest of Mages. With the end of those dark times, the Crystal that brought about salvation, was feared to become a terrifying weapon if it fell into the wrong hands. In order to prevent such an event, the Crystal was separated into five shards and secretly hidden across the world, fading from memory over time. However, dangerous secrets do not remain hidden forever, as a new, evil threat has surfaced! One who learned of these secrets has become obsessed with the desire to obtain the shards by any means necessary, in order to force all of Paxsolus under tyrannical rule.

  • Visit the new world of Paxsolus and its five, unique continents.

  • Play through hours of an engaging story.

  • Battle countless enemies in turn-based combat.

  • Explore various dungeons, solving challenging puzzles.

  • Customize your heroes with a variety of different classes.

Will you rise up to the challenge?